Quest in a Box

Summer is usually a time of fun and adventures – a time of playing, traveling, visiting, camping, cookouts and outdoor fun! This year is filled with unknowns as we look toward summer time. Will your church be able to have VBS and other summer ministries that you have planned? This summer you can keep your families connected to your church and God by giving them Quest in a Box so they can include God in whatever this summer may bring.

Quest in a Box focuses on a Rule of Life for the summer based off of a question from the historic Westminster Shorter Catechism – “What is the chief end of man?” or in more modern language “why did God create us?” The answer in the catechism is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Glorify God and enjoy God! That is our quest for families this summer!

Quest in a Box is a pizza box filled with 14 all-age devotions and activities that families can use at their own pace throughout the summer. You might want to create the boxes to hand out to your community at the beginning of summer vacation or to families at the conclusion of VBS to help them continue to grow in their relationship with God for the remainder of the summer.

Everything a family needs in order to complete the activities will be in the box (aside from normal household supplies like markers and tape). We have created all the devotions and activities for you.  Purchase your Quest in a Box download which includes the devotions, activities, instructions, shopping list and customizable stickers. You will need to print the materials, buy the supplies, and pack the boxes. We provide an Amazon shopping list to make it easier for you to get the needed supplies. We’ve priced out all of the contents needed for each box and estimate a cost of $3-4 per box for Quest in a Box.  Several of the items you may already have in your church’s craft closet which would make the boxes even more economical.

As always, our customer support is here to help you if you have any questions!


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