• Why Celebrate Advent?

    Why Celebrate Advent?

    Why is celebrating Advent so important? In the midst of all the chaos that typically surrounds the holidays, help your church’s families take some time to consider the real meaning of Christmas with these fun, all-age, interactive, Biblically sound activities. Strong families are the foundation of strong, health churches, and our products help families put God…

  • Holy Week in a Box

    Holy Week in a Box

    We are so excited to journey through Holy Week with you. This year we are pleased to offer a new resource to help families explore Holy Week together. Holy Week in a Box contains 4 Hands on Activities and 3 Interactive Prayer Activities to help your families explore the events of Holy Week in fun and meaningful…

  • Why Observe Lent?

    Why Observe Lent?

    In today’s culture people seem to only talk about the season of Lent in terms of what they might give up, if they are talking or thinking about Lent at all. We believe devoting some time and energy to understanding and observing Lent can be profoundly good for our souls and our families. So what…

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What happened to Advent in a Box? After 5 years of creating Advent resources, we had so many editions of Advent in a Box that it was getting very confusing. We have now reedited and renamed all of our Advent products so that you can now create your own Advent in a Box cafeteria…

  • Who Should Get One?

    Who Should Get One?

    We have designed our resources to be a spiritual formation and an outreach tool. Our resources are designed to be enjoyed by all ages. Create one for each family in your church but don’t stop there! This is an opportunity to send a light into your community in the shape of a box!