Piñata Supplies & Directions

We used 11×14 poster board and painters tape to create our piñatas. Our finished pinata looked like this before we used duct tape to make it sturdy and fun to hit!

  1. Cut two 1.5 x 11 strips, so you are left with a 11×11 square
  2. Print pattern, trace onto your poster board and cut out stars. If you are able to print 11 x 17, use this pattern, otherwise use this to print the 8.5 x 11 pattern.

3. Using you 1.5 x 11 inch strips, make the edge of your star. we found it was much easier and sturdier to not go to the point of the star, but to fold between 1/2-1 inch from the tip. More pics if you need them.

4. Leave some extra edge at the end. This can be used to connect twine or ribbon for hanging.

5. Verify that your folded daily pages fit. Adjust edge as needed.

6. We taped the strip of putty for the glow in the dark stars onto the corn starch bag so it wouldn’t get lost.

7. Put all of your supplies in. We put the Welcome page separate from all the rest of the paper with hopes that would it would stand out. There is a little bit of extra room, if you want to add some candy which is the traditional thing to put in a piñata.

8. Tape your other star cut out on top. Make sure you don’t have gaps big enough for the stars to fall out.

If you use white or yellow painters tape (we used blue so it would be easily seen in the pictures), you could add a ribbon to hang it and encourage your families to decorate their stars at home before destroying them on Christmas Day.

We used duct tape on one side and some wrapping paper on the other side. It would also be fun to hang ribbon and/or jingle bells from the star tips.

When we tried to smash our piñata, it was surprisingly resilient. It eventually came down, but was still mostly intact.

Add a fun gift label with instructions to open the piñata on Christmas Day. Inside they will find activities and supplies for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. Use our label and just add your church name.