Singing the Psalms

The Psalms are known as the hymnbook of God’s people. While you are spending this season of Lent digging into the Psalms of Lament, try listening to and singing them as well. Music and singing is a powerful tool to hide God’s Word in your heart.

We have complied this collection of the Psalms we are focusing on in Prayers for Lent in a Box. If you have a favorite version that we missed, please add the link in the comments.

Seedbed has a wonderful tool for the singing the Psalms where you can look up the psalm you want to sing and choose from several different familiar tunes.

Week 1 – Psalm 77

Week 2 – Psalm 56

Week 3 – Psalm 13

Week 4 – Psalm 69

Week 5 – Psalm 12

Week 6 – Psalm 22

Week 7 – Psalm 86

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